Outraged southern Israeli residents block road to Gaza

Protestors are demanding that the government end ongoing terror from Hamas before lending aid to Gaza. 

By Jack Gold, World Israel News

Residents of Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip on Sunday blocked the Kerem Shalom border crossing and held up trucks carrying supplies into Gaza for several hours, protesting the transfer of goods while terror attacks from Gaza continued.

Itzik Stein Gutman, who organized the protest, told Israel Hayom that they decided to block the road for five hours in order to pressure the government to take more effective action and to raise national awareness.

“I am fighting for the future,” he said.

This is the third and longest time that the protestors have blocked the crossing.

On Friday night, IDF soldiers caught a Palestinian from Gaza who breached the border fence with Israel and made his way towards the Israeli community of Netiv Hasara. He set fire to a greenhouse before being apprehended.

On Thursday, Israel transferred $15 million in cash in suitcases to Hamas, via Qatar. The funds were used to pay Palestinian civil servant salaries.

That same day, some 200 Israeli youth who live a kilometer from the Gaza border held their own protest against Israeli government inaction by concluding a five-day march from their homes to Jerusalem, where they held a demonstration in front of the Knesset.