‘Palestinian’ woman threatens to kill everyone on United flight to Dallas

“I’m going to stab everyone on this plane. Then kill myself. I’m Palestinian!” she screamed.

By World Israel News Staff

A self-proclaimed Palestinian woman was arrested on board a flight to Dallas over the weekend for assaulting a Federal Air Marshal and threatening to stab everyone on the plane.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, Dana Ghazi Mustafa, 27, assaulted a Federal Air Marshal on Saturday while flying on a United Airlines flight from Frankfurt to Dallas.

During the flight, flight attendants were alerted to the activation of a flight lavatory smoke detector, encountered Mustafa in the lavatory and directed her to not smoke aboard the aircraft and return to her seat. Mustafa then started to cry and said that she just found out that her family had died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Shortly afterward she got up from her seat again and walked to the rear of the plane while striking the flint of a lighter. As a flight attendant attempted to stop Mustafa from entering the lavatory, Mustafa pushed the flight attendant and tried to close the lavatory.

When two Federal Air Marshals tried to intercede, she started yelling and kicking them.

After being handcuffed and relocated next to a Federal Air Marshal, Mustafa yelled “I’m going to stab everyone on this plane. Then kill myself. I’m Palestinian! That’s how we get down.”

According to an FBI who agent interrogated Mustafa her after landing in Dallas, Mustafa admitted that she lied about her family being killed by a drunk driver.

On Monday, Mustafa was charged with assaulting a federal officer, and if convicted faces a maximum penalty of eight years in prison.