Religious Zionism Party calls to bar Herzog from mediating negotiations

‘President Herzog is part of the problem, not the solution,’ says senior Religious Zionism party official as coalition gears up for negotiations with Opposition for judicial reform compromise.

By World Israel News Staff

A senior official from the Religious Zionism Party on Tuesday objected to President Isaac Herzog brokering talks between the coalition and the opposition aimed at reaching a compromise on the overhaul of the Israeli judiciary.

Yehuda Wald, CEO of the Religious Zionism Party, tweeted Tuesday morning that the president had capitulated to pressure from opponents of the judicial reform, accusing him of turning down overtures by the coalition for a watered-down reform.

“We already held discussions and drafts were already proposed to the president, but ultimately, he submitted to the pressure from the Left and also to the wave of refusals to serve in the IDF, rejected all the suggestions, and took the side of the leftists and the anarchists,” Wald tweeted.

Wald accused the president, who has publicly offered to mediate negotiations between the coalition and the opposition, of being biased in favor of opponents of the government’s plan, adding that his behavior has made him “part of the problem.”

“Why should things be any different this time around? Unfortunately, the president is not objective. We do need to hold talks and arrive at a balanced outline, but without him involved. He is a part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

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Herzog, a former leader of the Israeli Labor Party, challenged Benjamin Netanyahu for the premiership in 2015 but ultimately lost his bid, later becoming chairman of the Jewish Agency before being chosen as president by the Knesset in 2021.

In early February, Herzog attempted to intervene in the judicial reform, calling on the government to suspend legislation making its way through the Knesset.

Earlier this month, the president presented his alternative to the reform plan, dubbed the “People’s Plan,” warning of a looming “civil war” if the government moves forward with its original proposal.

“Those who think that a civil war is a border we won’t reach have no clue,” Herzog said.