‘We won’t allow anarchy’: Protesters wreak havoc across Israel on ‘Day of Disruption’

At least 22 arrested as demonstrators block highways and intersections across the country.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Demonstrators began another “Day of Disruption” in protest of reforms to Israel’s judicial system by blocking major highways, thoroughfares, and junctions, with at least 22 people arrested for snarling traffic within hours of the protests beginning.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched throughout Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and other cities, blocked the Tel Aviv exits of Ayalon Highway, and stopped traffic throughout intersections to key industrial and high-tech parks in Herzliya, Raanana, Yokeneam, and elsewhere throughout the Jewish State.

Naval reservists took to the Mediterranean Sea in a “protest flotilla” to block maritime traffic to the Port of Haifa.

“In a dictatorship, the sea is closed,” announced the Brothers in Arms group, which represents veterans and reservists opposed to the judicial reforms.

“We chose to disrupt operations at Haifa port to call in a clear voice to the Israeli government to stop the uncontrolled voyage that will cause the State of Israel to run aground.”

Organizers announced on Wednesday that they would attempt to block Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s route to the airport, ahead of a scheduled flight to Italy on Thursday.

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Netanyahu took a helicopter to the airport in order to avoid demonstrators on the roads.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir pledged a strong response to car convoys that would disrupt traffic at the airport.

Stressing that he supports the democratic right to protest, Ben-Gvir said he had no issues with demonstrations, but that “Ben Gurion Airport and main transport arteries are out of bounds.”

“We won’t allow anarchy,” he said.

Police announced that violators who intentionally drove slowly on the highway leading to or the roads within the airport complex would be subject to an automatic 500 shekel ($138) fine and four points against their license, which would likely raise their insurance rates.

Hours before Netanyahu’s scheduled arrival at the airport, the site was functioning as normal – but it appeared that protesters had not yet reached the area.