Zelensky: Russia is Nazi-like, Jews must speak up

Ukrainian president says Russia has Nazi-like goal to “erase” Ukrainians, says international Jewry has special responsibility to speak up.

By World Israel News Staff

Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelesnky pleaded for international help against the Russian invasion of his country on Wednesday, saying in a media conference that Moscow’s intentions are reminiscent of the Nazis during the Holocaust and that international Jewry should be particularly compelled to speak out against the incursion.

“I am now addressing all the Jews of the world. Don’t you see what is happening? That is why it is very important that millions of Jews around the world not remain silent right now,” said Zelensky, who is Jewish.

“Nazism is born in silence. So shout about killings of civilians. Shout about the murders of Ukrainians.”

Zelensky charged that a recent Russian air strike on a television station, which damaged a nearby memorial commemorating the Babyn Yar massacre, proved that Russia views Ukraine as an enemy state that must be completely wiped out.

“Such a missile strike shows that for many people in Russia, our Kyiv is completely foreign. They know nothing about our capital. About our history,” he said.

“But they have an order to erase our history. Erase our country. Erase us all.”

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The damage to Babyn Yar, Zelensky added, proves that the Russians could potentially destroy other significant cultural sites in Ukraine.

“What will be next if even Babi Yar [is hit], what other ‘military’ objects, ‘NATO bases’ are threatening Russia? St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Lavra, Andrew’s Church?” he said, listing prominent Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Christian churches.

Zelensky’s call for the Jewish diaspora to speak out against Russia’s military actions, suggesting they are the beginning of Nazism, comes on the heels of comments from Ukrainian officials indicating their disappointment with Israel’s diplomatic tightrope walk during the conflict.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk slammed the Jewish State for refusing to admit Ukrainian refugees en masse, suggesting that due to the Holocaust, Israel has a special obligation to provide shelter for displaced people.

He also complained about Israel’s refusal to send military aid and weapons to Ukraine. However, Israel did send humanitarian packages containing medicine and water purification kits.