Body located: Missing Israeli student’s remains found in Ethiopia’s salt desert

The body of the Israeli student, missing for two days, was discovered. 

By World Israel News Staff

After a two-day search, the body of Ayah Namana, 21, was found in the Salt Desert in Danakil, Ethiopia on Sunday.

Ayah had lost her way during a trip to the region. She was from the Galilee.

According to reports, she split away from the hiking group and the group leader lost visual contact with her. She never made it to the end of the trail. It’s possible she fell to her death.

Israeli Embassy representatives, upon learning of her disappearance, immediately made contact with various government and IDF officials and MAGNUS, an international Search & Rescue company that specializes in “remote, high-risk areas.”

Upon hearing of the missing traveler, a MAGNUS team began searching for the young woman.

Ayah’s father, Selim, was on his way to Ethiopia when he learned the difficult news that his daughter’s body had been found. He descended from the plane to return to his family.

Selim told Ynet, “I would like to go back to my family with my daughter, but unfortunately we got the most painful news that we didn’t want to hear. I would like to hear her voice and hug her, not to go back without my wonderful daughter.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is working to transfer the body back to Israel for burial.

Namana had been studying at the Technion.