Anti-Semitism drives ‘Wonder Woman’ to flaunt her pride in being Israeli

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot said she receives many anti-Semitic messages.

By World Israel News Staff

On Thursday, “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot talked about fun and fashion in an interview with the Israeli web portal Walla! But the interview also took a serious turn as the A list actress spoke about the pride she feels as an Israeli.

During the interview, which took place at a Reebok event in Tel Aviv (Gadot is a spokesperson for the shoe company), she said that part of the reason she flaunts her Israeliness is because of anti-Semitism – she receives many hateful messages online and, therefore, finds no reason to hide her pride in being Israeli.

When Walla! asked if there was “some kind of strategy” behind her openness about being an Israeli, she said:

“No! If it’s anything, it’s just that I receive so many anti-Semitic messages and reactions,” Gadot replied. “It’s just that that is who I am. I believe we have no place to hide or lie. Those who love will get it and that’s it.”

“Israel is important to me, very,” said Gadot. “In general, I wish for our country to really be in a good place, and that there will be quiet, stability, peace and tranquility. Because I believe in the end that all the people want it. There are no people who want war, God forbid, and their children to go to the army. So I try to strengthen these messages, the good, and the desire for peace and quiet.”

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Gadot often credits her service in Israel’s army as helping her prepare for the very physical Wonder Woman role.

Gadot has often said that she got her role in the Fast & Furious franchise, an important milestone in her career, because the director liked the fact that she had been in the army and knew about weapons. Gadot was a combat instructor, a role often filled by women in the IDF.

Even after three years of living in Hollywood, Gadot says she still prefers to be interviewed in Hebrew over English. She said that she has “longings for Israel, for Tel Aviv, for our family, for our friends.”