IDF kills terrorists who murdered Lucy Dee and her daughters

Arab terrorists who murdered a UK-Israeli woman and her two daughters were killed during a gun battle with Israeli soldiers in Samaria.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli security forces killed three terrorists and wounded four others during a gun battle in the Palestinian Authority city of Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria Thursday morning.

IDF soldiers, Border Police officers, and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) forces entered the Old City of Shechem (Nablus) as part of a counter-terror operation.

The Israeli forces came under fire, sparking a gun battle with a group of terrorists.

According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, during the gun battle, an Israeli suicide drone was launched towards the building where the terrorists where holed up.

The drone reportedly entered through a window and detonated, killing three of the terrorists and wounding four more.

Two of the terrorists killed Thursday morning have been linked to the murder of three dual UK-Israeli citizens in a drive-by shooting attack in the Jordan Valley last month.

Lucy Dee and her daughters Maia and Rina, residents of Efrat in Gush Etzion, were killed in the attack.

The terrorists have been identified as Hassan Katnani and Ma’ad Masri, both members of Hamas. The third terrorist, Ebrahim Hora, actively assisted the Katnani and Masri, the IDF said.

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The Mayor of Efrat, Oded Revivi, lauded the IDF for the elimination of the terrorists responsible for the murder of Lucy, Maia, and Rina Dee.

“On behalf of the residents of Efrat, I thank the soldiers and commanders for their unceasing efforts on our behalf.”

“Together we will continue to embrace the members of the Dee family, gaining strength as a community and strengthening the town. Our strong approach alongside the elimination of terrorists is the best answer to terrorism.”

One IDF soldier was lightly injured during the operation Thursday.

After the terrorists were killed, Israeli security forces located three assault rifles in the apartment where the terrorists had been hiding, including one AK-47 and two M-16s.