Jordan follows Lebanon, bans screening of film starring Israeli actress

Jordan has banned a screening of  “Wonder Woman” over Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s leading role.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has banned a screening of the newly released Wonder Woman superhero film over Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s leading role and has warned domestic theaters not to show the film until an official government decision has been made.

“Wonder Woman” was already banned in Lebanon last week over Gadot’s role. Mohammad Quteishat, director of Jordan’s Media Commission, said the commission is reviewing the film to see if it complies with the Arab country’s standards and legislation, the Jordanian Petra News Agency reported.

“Cinemas that screen the film before the commission approves it will be closed, as this would be considered a violation of the law,” Quteishat said.

The move by Jordan—one of two Arab neighbors with whom Israel has diplomatic relations, along with Egypt—comes as several campaigns have been launched within the country calling for a boycott of the film due to Gadot’s role.

Gadot served in the IDF and has been outspoken in her support for Israel.

“If we watch the movie, this means we will support this Israeli actor…I am against this movie and I call for banning it in Jordan as well as in the rest of the Arab world,” Mohammad Ali, who is part of an online campaign in Jordan to boycott the movie, told China’s Xinhua news service.

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