‘Keep guns away from man who wants to massacre Jews,’ Jewish group urges

It would be “irresponsible to allow a person who lionizes Adolf Hitler and seeks to massacre Jews” to possess weapons, said NCYI President Farley Weiss.

By World Israel News Staff

The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI), a U.S.-based Orthodox Jewish synagogue organization, urged a California court on Tuesday “to prevent a man who threatened to massacre Jews from getting his gun back.”

“According to law enforcement,” says the organization, “California resident Ross Farca posted online about how he has an assault rifle and wants to use it for a mass shooting of Jews and police officers.” It notes that Farca uses the name “Adolf Hitler (((6 million)))” on an online gaming site.

Farca “returned to court [last] week to contest a restraining order that would extend a prohibition on his possession of firearms,” reports The Jewish News of Northern California.

“An emergency order that has kept guns away from Ross Farca since his June 10 arrest expires on July 1. He appeared in court with a private attorney on June 26 to protest the new order, sought by the Concord Police Department, that would continue the prohibition for a further two weeks….That new order was indeed signed by the judge and is in place until July 15, when another hearing is scheduled,” says the newspaper.

“Police reportedly found Nazi paraphernalia when Farca was arrested, as well as camouflage clothing and a sword,” says NCYI, noting that Farca was “released on bail only days after his arrest.”

“It would be incomprehensible and irresponsible to allow a person who lionizes Adolf Hitler and seeks to massacre Jews to be in possession of any sort of weaponry,” said NCYI President Farley Weiss. “After Pittsburgh and Poway, where Jews were murdered in houses of worship solely because of their religious beliefs, we need to be more vigilant than ever,” he added.

“Farca was arrested following a tip to the FBI about his online threats to commit a mass shooting and his boasts that he possessed an assault rifle, according to a court filing,” says The Jewish News of Northern California. He threatened to “exceed the number of Poway victims in an attack,” the Jewish news outlet reports.

“Wanna see a mass shooting with a body count of over 30-subhumans?” Farca wrote, according to the newspaper.

His release just days after his arrest alarmed members of the East Bay Jewish community.

“Jewish Vocational Service, based in downtown San Francisco, circulated a precautionary email with Farca’s mugshot, warning recipients to contact police if they saw him,” said The Jewish News of Northern California, adding that “one East Bay synagogue hired a professional guard for Shabbat services on June 21 and requested an increased police presence, according to a community-wide email.”

“Putting guns back in the hands of an individual such as Ross Farca, who openly and proudly wrote about his desire to kill Jews, would facilitate his evil tendencies and could result in a tragedy of immense proportions,” warned the NCYI president.

“We urge the court to do the right thing and take steps to ensure that Mr. Farca is permanently enjoined from legally possessing guns of any kind,” he added.