Adolf Hitler (((6 million))) wants his gun back

An East Bay man who threatened to kill Jews wants a restraining order prohibiting him from possessing firearms removed.

By World Israel News Staff

Ross Farca, 23, of Concord, California, who goes by the name “Adolf Hitler (((6 million)))” on the online gaming site Steam and threatened to massacre Jews, wants his gun back, The Jewish News of Northern California reported on Thursday.

Farca had been released on bail days after his June 10 arrest, a move that “shocked the local Jewish community,” the paper reports.

“Under the law, he’s allowed to make bail,” Scott Alonso, a spokesperson for the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office, told the paper. “It’s a very high burden to ask a judge to keep a defendant in custody on no bail.”

But Farca isn’t done. He’d like his gun returned. An emergency court restraining order prohibited his possession of firearms.

On June 26, he appeared in court with an attorney to protest a new order the Concord police wants to impose to continue to keep him away from guns (the emergency order expires July 1). The new gun order  would extend the prohibition through July 15.

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Farca owns an AR-15 style rifle which he built from parts – an illegal act in California.

The Jewish News reports that “anxious parents and grandparents from the East Bay Jewish community” came to a preliminary hearing. They “wanted to know why Farca was released on bail in the first place.”

One member of the group said Farca looked “creepy” and “disturbed.”

“I have a fully semi automatic weapon AR15 with multiple high capacity magazines,” Farca wrote in his tagline on Steam, according to police. “Wanna see a mas[s] shooting with a body count of over 30-subhumans?” He said he could “probably get a body count of like 30 kikes and then like five police officers, because I would also decide to fight to the death.”

At the time of his arrest, police found the illegally assembled AR-15, high-capacity magazines and “Nazi literature, camouflage clothing and a sword.”

The Jewish News later learned from a Concord police officer that they found “some old-looking books” that seemed to date from the 1940s and “related to Hitler Youth.”

Farca admired the Poway and Christchurch shooters, according to police.

The Jewish community is concerned about Farca. One tearful parent told Deputy District Attorney Rachel K. Piersig at the preliminary hearing that she took her daughter out of school because “she was so afraid of what Farca might do,” the Jewish News reported.

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Farca’s next scheduled court date is July 30.