Netanyahu: IAEA didn’t check newly revealed Iran nuke site

Netanyahu says that the international nuclear watchdog didn’t actually check the Iran site he revealed at the UN.

By: World Israel News Staff

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparred with the the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over inspections of an alleged nuclear warehouse he revealed at a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly last Thursday.

While IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano claimed earlier in the day that the agency had inspected all pertinent sites for alleged breaches of the nuclear deal, Netanyahu challenged the IAEA specifically with regard to the Turquzabad location.

“The IAEA [refers] to inspections that it has carried out in various places in Iran but it does not [refer] to the specific site in Turquzabad which Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to in his UN speech,” said a statement released by Netanyahu’s office.

“There is no reason to wait,” continued the statement, “The IAEA must inspect the site and immediately dispatch monitors with Geiger counters and the Prime Minister’s words will be seen as verifiably true.”

Netanyhau’s remarks were issued in response to a statement by Amano, who claimed, “In line with established safeguards practices, all information obtained, including from third parties, is subject to rigorous review and assessed together with other available information to arrive at an independent assessment based on the Agency’s own expertise.”

“The Agency continues to evaluate Iran’s declarations under the Additional Protocol, and has conducted complementary accesses under the Additional Protocol to all the sites and locations in Iran which it needed to visit,” he added.

Israel maintains that the Iranian regime is scrambling to eliminate evidence of nuclear materials at the Turquzabad site.