Biden touts ‘ironclad’ commitment to Israel while blocking military aid

Commitments don’t get more ironclad than that.

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

Somebody wrote Joe Biden’s teleprompter a very nice speech to deliver at the Holocaust museum.

There’s one problem with it… it doesn’t reflect reality.

There’s a moment in the speech where Biden claims that, “my commitment to the safety of the Jewish people, the security of Israel, and its right to exist as an independent Jewish state is ironclad, even when we disagree.”

That commitment is so ironclad that the Biden administration tried to stop Israel from taking out Hamas in Rafah by freezing a military resupply shipment.

To add insult to injury, these were resupplies appropriated years ago, well before the current conflict, which means we’re not even talking about the Biden administration freezing the military aid it promised after Oct 7, but freezing military aid from years back.

So that’s the ironclad commitment.

One that includes undermining Israel at the UN, exposing it to the ICC, propping up Qatar’s Hamas propaganda negotiations, citing Hamas propaganda about civilian casualties, and freezing military aid even while getting Congress to pass a Ukraine aid package by tangling it with an Israeli aid package.

And finally demanding that the end result of Oct 7 should be a state for the terrorists inside Israel.

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Commitments don’t get more ironclad than that. It’s not a commitment to Israel, but to the terrorists.