Gantz blasts Netanyahu, threatens to leave gov’t unless six conditions are met

Gantz accused Netanyahu of being more concerned with personal and political considerations than with Israel’s security.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israeli government minister without portfolio Benny Gantz said he would leave the government by June 8 unless a post-war 6-point plan for Gaza is implemented.

Gantz accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being more concerned with personal and political considerations than with Israel’s security.

“Lately, something has gone wrong,” Gantz said. “Crucial decisions were not made. Crucial leadership decisions to ensure victory were not carried out.”

He continued, “A small minority has taken over command of the Israeli ship of state and is steering her toward the rocks,” referring to government ministers who encourage the prime minister to avoid making concessions.

“Personal and political considerations have infiltrated the holy of holies of Israeli security,” Gantz said.

Gantz then gave an ultimatum that he will leave the government if the following six conditions aren’t fulfilled by June 8th.

  1. The return of the hostages.
  2. The defeat of Hamas and the demilitarization of Gaza.
  3. Creating a governing body for Gaza that would be a coalition of US, European, moderate Arab, and non-Hamas and non-Fatah Palestinians.
  4. Return of evacuees to their northern communities by September 1st and the reconstruction of the western Negev.
  5. Taking steps towards normalization with Saudi Arabia, including moving towards a “treaty with the free world and Arab countries against Iran.”
  6. Adopting a proposal for standardized national service that will enable all Israelis to “serve the country and contribute to the highest national goals.”
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After outlining the six criteria, Gantz said, “If you choose to lead the nation to the abyss, we will withdraw from the government, turn to the people, and form a government that can bring about a real victory.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu, I look you in the eye this evening and say – the choice is in your hands,” Gantz said.

He added, “After speaking to you repeatedly, the moment of truth has arrived … I have known you for many years as a leader and Israeli patriot – you know very well what needs to be done.”