British spy chief made secret visit to Israel amid Iran nuclear activity

Great Britain’s MI6 intelligence chief covertly visited Israel this week for discussions with Israeli counterparts regarding Iranian violations of the 2015 nuclear deal.


Israel’s Channel 13 news reported Friday that Great Britain’s MI6 intelligence chief Alex Younger met on Monday with Mossad head Yossi Cohen and other Israeli security leaders.

Israel’s evaluation is that Tehran is “making preparations” within the specifications of the 2015 deal, and is “getting ready,” but has yet to display weapons, according to the TV report.

The report said that Iran recently renewed its production of centrifuges “and is gearing up for the renewal of uranium enrichment,” in accordance with the nuclear agreement that the United Kingdom supports.

Moreover, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran is currently in technical compliance with the deal, which the United States withdrew from in 2018.

“Timely and proactive cooperation by Iran in providing such access facilitates implementation of the Additional Protocol and enhances confidence,” said the report, referencing the protocol specifying precautions and verification tools.