Gaza terrorists launch rocket into Israel, IDF responds with tank strike

Residents of Gaza-belt communities were again sent running when terrorists in the Strip launched a rocket into Israel, which exploded in a field without injuring any civilians.

By World Israel News Staff

The calm in southern Israel was pierced again Wednesday evening when a rocket launched from Gaza streaked into the Sha’ar Hanegev region, landing in an empty field with a loud explosion.

While no one was injured, this rocket marked the second reported launch of the night, with the first missile failing to enter Israeli airspace, landing instead inside the coastal enclave, Times of Israel reported.

Following the rocket attack, an Israeli tank fired on a Hamas post in the southern Gaza Strip, according to an IDF statement.

The latest provocations from the Hamas-ruled territory arrive amid attempts by Egypt and Qatar to persuade the terror group to desist from antagonizing Israel. Qatar, for its part, has provided millions of dollars in cash to Hamas to incentivize calm, following a prolonged campaign of violent riots on the border, airborne arson terror, and rocket attacks.

There are a number of terror organizations that operate in Gaza, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad and ISIS affiliates, however, Hamas holds itself out as the enclave’s official government, and is thus held responsible by Israel for all attacks that originate in the territory.