Germany approves delivery of 5th Israeli submarine

Germany will deliver the fifth of six advanced submarines it had promised to Israel. This latest development is another step in a seven-year joint submarine project.

Germany’s Federal Security Council, the body that monitors the export of military goods, approved the delivery of the fifth of six advanced submarines Germany has promised to Israel, Deutsche Welle German radio quoted the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung as reporting on Friday, citing the Council’s report to the parliamentary Economics Committee.

Israel received the fourth submarine in September, which was recently launched after being fitted with Israeli upgrades and equipment and set to meet Israeli service standards.

The Dolphin-class submarine showcases unprecedented capabilities, making Israel’s navy faster and stronger in the face of threats. The submarine is 68 meters long and weighs 2,300 tons. It can dive to a depth of over 200 meters and costs approximately $500,000,000. The submarine is propelled by the Air Independent Propulsion system and carries an extra fuel tank that allows it to stay submerged for extended periods.

“Our forces at sea are more prepared than ever to defend the people of Israel,” an IDF spokesman stated after the fourth submarine was received.

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“The submarine fleet will double its capabilities, reach longer distances, dive deeper, and achieve a level of strength we haven’t seen until today,” said an Israel Navy commander.

The fifth submarine will be known as the “Rahav.”  A sixth submarine is slated for launching in 2019.

This latest development is another step in a seven-year joint submarine project between Israel and Germany.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News