IDF hits Gaza Strip terror targets as attacks on Israel continue

The IDF hit Hamas targets in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the terror group’s arson attacks.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

On Tuesday, IDF fighter jets, tanks and aircraft continued to strike Hamas terror posts and underground infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip, the military reports.

The IDF is responding to the daily launching of explosive and arson balloons from the Gaza Strip that began several weeks ago, an attempt by Hamas to bully Israel into agreeing to a lengthy list of demands.

On Monday, 36 fires were started in Israel by the floating incendiary devices. The fires have so far not resulted in a loss of Israeli life, but a fire burned a kindergarten and a rocket damaged a home in Sderot. The couple in the house who were sleeping were unhurt.

Israel has been unable to prevent the low-tech method of attack. It has recently put into operation its ‘Light Blade’ combat laser. In footage released last Friday, the system can be seen intercepting 32 explosive and incendiary balloons fired by terrorists from the Gaza Strip.

Israel has imposed a blockage on all shipments into the Gaza Strip except for humanitarian supplies and closed the Gaza Strip’s fishing zone in an attempt to put pressure on the terrorists.

Hamas leaders have reportedly gone underground, fearing that Israel will return to targeted assassinations. Israel has not made any statement regarding a return to that policy. Its last targeted killing was in 2019 against an Islamic Jihad commander.

On Tuesday, a Qatari representative arrived in the Gaza Strip to try and mediate a solution. Qatar, which supplied $150 million to the Gaza Strip in humanitarian aid, agreed to increase its contribution.

An Egyptian delegation is also trying to mediate a solution. A senior Hamas terrorist said that the Egyptians had bridged the gap between the two sides a little, according to Israel Hayom.