Netanyahu indicates Israel attacked Iranian-linked base in Syria

“We will not allow anyone to entrench its might and endanger the State of Israel,” said the prime minister to families of fallen soldiers. 

By World Israel News Staff 

On the heels of an attack on Saturday in Syria reportedly aimed at a missile production factory linked to Iran’s military activity in that country, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made comments one day later which are being viewed as indicating Israel was behind the attack.

A number of Iranian fighters and pro-Iranian troops were killed in the air strike and 17 people were reported injured, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“We are continuing to operate on all fronts, including the northern one,” said the prime minister on Sunday, as he addressed an event in Jerusalem for families of fallen IDF soldiers.

“We are not hasty to enter into battle,” said Mr. Netanyahu.

“Who knows better than we do that the price of war can be devastating,” he said, speaking to bereaved families and referring to the death of his own brother Yoni in Israel’s 1976 operation at the Entebbe, Uganda airport to free Jewish hostages held by Palestinian hijackers.

“But let no one be mistaken. We will not allow anyone to entrench its might and endanger the State of Israel,” said the prime minister,  who has often spoken of Israel’s determination to remove Iranian military influence from the north of Israel’s border in war-torn Syria.

Israel usually remains mum, however, when attacks on Iranian-linked installations take place. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken openly on some occasions, as did the former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Eisenkot shortly before leaving the top military position earlier this year.

The Iranian presence in Syria has been at the center of talks between the Israeli premier and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country plays a central role in navigating the Syrian quagmire. The issue was also a key concern when U.S. President Donald Trump announced an American withdrawal from Syria.

Syria blamed Israel for the strike on Saturday morning in the country’s northwest region, according to the state-run SANA news agency.