Obama’s UN Ambassador warns against cutting US funding of UN

Outgoing US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power argued against efforts by some in Congress to diminish the US role and contribution to the UN, claiming that it would be detrimental to US interests. 

Outgoing US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power argued in an exit memo on Thursday that a US retreat from its contribution and influence in the UN would be harmful to US interests.

“Without our leadership the vacuum on the global stage will prove very harmful to US interests,” she argued. “Other nations will follow us if we continue to lead.”

Power’s remarks follow a number of statements and remarks made by members of the US Congress and Senate that point to an upcoming effort, after Donald Trump takes office, to defund or even withdraw from the United Nations in protest of the passing of a UN Security Council resolution against Israel on December 23. The resolution, number 2234, condemns any Israeli presence in territories won by Israel from Jordan during the Six-Day War of 1967, including Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert told Fox News last week that Congress was working on drafting a bill that says “we don’t give a dime to the UN until they rescind that resolution.” For his part, President-elect Trump made it clear in a Tweet after the passing of the UN Security Council resolution that “as to the UN, things will be different after January 20,” when he is inaugurated as president.

In her exit memo, Power also said that the US had a necessary role in containing global threats such as a nuclear Iran.

“We must continue to fulfill our own commitments and use UN Security Council Resolution 2231, to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program will remain exclusively peaceful,” she added.

In Resolution 2231, the UN Security Council endorsed the nuclear agreement that was reached in July 2015 between Iran and P5+1 powers, which include Germany and the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (the US, the UK, France, Russia & China).

Power also mentioned the need for the US to help the UN in tackling the conflicts in the Middle East as well as the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

“Working with the UN to address these challenges will not be a litmus test of whether one is committed to international norms and institutions or not,” said Power. “It will simply be a strategic necessity.”

By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News