Palestinians racially abuse IDF soldier who thwarted stabbing attack

Angry mob surrounds soldier who they believe fired the shots that killed terrorist, tells him to go back to Ethiopia.

By World Israel News Staff

A Palestinian woman was shot dead by IDF troops after charging at them while holding a knife near Al-Arroub in Judea, near Gush Etzion, on Wednesday morning.

According to Hebrew-language media, the perpetrator ran at soldiers stationed on Route 60 while brandishing a knife and refused to heed commands to stop approaching.

The 31-year-old woman, named by Palestinian Authority Health Ministry as Jufran Haroun Warasneh, was a recently released prisoner who spent some three years in Israeli custody.

She was reportedly held on terror related charges.

According to the PA, she was shot under her left arm.

A video of the aftermath of the shooting circulating on social media, reposted by blogger Amar Assadi, depicted an angry crowd surrounding the soldier who they believe fired the fatal shots at the terrorist.

The crowd is heard using Arabic racial slurs to berate the soldier, who is of Ethiopian-Jewish descent.

Men repeatedly call the soldier an animal, an abeed (a derogatory word which literally means “black” but is interchangeable with the term for “slave”), and tell him to go back to Ethiopia.

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The soldier maintains his calm throughout the extended barrage of racial insults and tells them to “go away” before joining his comrades in an army jeep and driving away from the scene.

No IDF troops or Israelis were injured in the incident.

The attempted stabbing attack comes on the heels of an uptick in terror that began in March 2022, including numerous attacks on Israeli troops and security forces.

In early May, a Border Police officer was stabbed in the neck during a terrorist attack near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

In January 2022, a terrorist attempted to stab Israelis waiting at a bus stop at the Gush Etzion Junction, not far from the scene of Wednesday morning’s attack.

IDF soldiers stationed nearby shot and killed the terrorist. There were no Israeli casualties.