Turkey deceived Germany, used tech for missile attacks in Syria instead of ambulances – report

Turkey used German components for missile strikes in Syria, some on civilian Kurdish areas, after repeatedly promising tech would be used for ambulances.

By World Israel News Staff

An investigation into Turkish airstrikes in Syria revealed that German components were present in Turkish missiles, likely unbeknownst to the German companies that sold the parts.

The European weapons-tracing organization Conflict Armament Research (CAR) recently said that “missile components documented by investigators” in Syria discovered that “commercial products manufactured in the EU have been diverted for use in missile production.”

According to a CAR report published by the Jerusalem Post, components including electromagnetic brakes, which were sold by a German manufacturer to Turkey under the pretense that they would be used in ambulances, were repurposed for military use.

The commercial exporter of the brakes told CAR that the purchaser had confirmed “the brakes’ intended medical use in verbal and written form between 2018 and 2020.”

However, CAR found evidence of the brakes within numerous missile strike sites throughout northeastern Syria.

But Germany wasn’t the only foreign country whose technology was used in Turkish airstrikes, some of which appeared to target the Kurdish civilian population and may constitute a violation of international law.

CAR reported that Chinese circuit boards and gyroscopes manufactured by an American company were also found in missile wreckage.

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Turkey has recently ramped up a bombing campaign against Kurdish communities in Syria, on the pretense that they are working with Kurdish separatists in Turkish territory.

The Turkish government has blamed Kurds in Syria for the November 13th terror bombing in Istanbul, a claim which they have vehemently denied. No group has formally taken responsibility for the attack.

The CIA recently warned Ankara that their airstrikes could be endangering U.S. troops in the area, and urged Turkey to wind down the bombings, according to an Axios report.