Tel Aviv terrorist influenced by ISIS, Shin Bet says

Nashat Milhem was religiously motivated by radical Islam when he entered a bar in Tel Aviv and murdered three Israelis, Israeli security officials say.  

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News
The three accomplices in court. (Basel Nashat Milhem/Flash90)

The three accomplices in court. (Basel Nashat Milhem/Flash90)

Nashat Milhem, the terrorist who murdered three Israelis and wounded six in Tel Aviv on January 1, was influenced by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization, and had plans to carry out another attack in Tel Aviv, Israeli security officials said Wednesday.

Milhem shot Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi, at a bar in Tel Aviv, fled the scene, and flagged down the first taxi he saw, which was driven by Amin Sha’aban, an Israeli Arab citizen. He shot him too, after fearing Sha’aban would turn him in.

Milhem was subsequently tracked down by Israeli security forces and killed in his hometown of Arara a week after the attack.

More details on the attack emerged as three Israeli Arabs, Milhem’s relatives, were brought to a Haifa court on Wednesday to face charges of serving as Mihem’s accomplices.

The three aided him in his escape and are charged with an attempt to conspire to aid the enemy in a time of war.

According to the indictments, Milhem decided to carry out a terror attack somewhere crowded in Tel Aviv, “with the purpose of causing as many Israeli civilian deaths as possible, and with the intention of helping the enemy in its war against Israel, including ISIS.”

Milhem, who served time in an Israeli prison from 2007 to 2013 for a previous assault and attempt to snatch a weapon from an IDF soldier, planned and carried out the attack alone, the investigation found.

The Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) released clips found on the terrorist’s phone which he filmed after the attack. The clips revealed information on his mind set and his actions after he gunned down three people in a bar.

The terrorist had viewed Muslim religious materials, which the Shin Bet said served as mental preparation for a terror attack. Milhem spoke of his hatred of “the enemies of Islam,” including Jews, Christians and Shi’ite Muslims, and used Jihadi phrases similar to those used by ISIS. He also detailed his hatred for Russians, who are currently waging a vicious battle against ISIS in Syria.

Mihem carried a Koran during the attack and left it at the scene when he fled.