Under fire: Tennessee judge who told Jews to ‘Get the f*** over the Holocaust’

Laurie Cardoza-Moore demands the removal of a Tennesse judge who posted a link to an article stating that Jews should “get the f*** over the Holocaust.”

By World Israel News Staff

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore has filed a formal letter to the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct demanding the removal of James Lammey, a Tennessee criminal court judge who posted on his Facebook page a link to an article that states that Jews should “get the f*** over the Holocaust.”

PJTN is a Christian pro-Israel advocacy organization that also fights anti-Semitism.

“Particularly under scrutiny was a link shared by the Memphis-based judge to an incendiary anti-Semitic article authored by radical Holocaust denier David Cole,” Cardoza-Moore said.

“As the founder of a Tennessee-based Christian organization leading a national campaign against anti-Semitism, I find it egregious that a sitting criminal court judge would commit such a breach of conduct, and this at a time when America is facing the recent horror of 12 Jewish lives being lost to terrorism within the perceived safety of their own synagogues,” Cardoza-Moore declared.

“That we have such anti-Semitic hatred in misguided radical minds intent on the process of killing Jews is something America must not tolerate. To have a judge committed to the process of justice and the punishment of criminal acts at the same time entertaining and sharing radical anti-Semitic content in the public forum of his own sphere of influence in social media demands his immediate removal,” she added.

The PJTN website noted that “amid Lammey’s random posts on anti-immigration, conspiracy theories and racial tropes, the glaring anti-Semitic article entitled ‘Stop With The Golems, Already!’ included disparaging commentary by notorious anti-Semite David Cole, who quoted folklore of Jews creating mythical mud monsters who proved to be dangerous and hard to handle, and concluded: ‘The Jews should get the (f…expletive) over the Holocaust!’”

Jews must not fear anti-Semitic bias in court

“In filing our formal resolution to the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct, I have stressed that there is no place in today’s escalating climate of anti-Semitism for a Jewish person to have fear of the judicial system in America or have concerns over the pre-conceived prejudices of the person on the bench with the mandate to impartially mete out their judgment. There’s no seat on the bench for anti-Semitism,” Cardoza-Moore stated.

Numerous organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Memphis Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, the Jewish Community Partners and the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, have called for Lammey’s censure.

The judge was elected to the bench in Shelby County in 2006. His term expires in 2022.