Israelis, Palestinians honor rescuer of Jews threatened by terrorists at kosher ‘Iftar’ meal

A Palestinian construction worker was honored for rescuing an Israeli couple threatened by terrorists, AFP reported.

By World Israel News Staff

Roughly 50 Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria dined with local Arabs at a Palestinian village near Gush Etzion this week for the post-Ramadan Iftar meal, AFP reported.

The event was held under the auspices of “Roots” – aka by the Hebrew name ‘Shorashim’ and the Arabic ‘Judur.’ Founded in 2014, the initiative aims to foster dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

“(We are a) group of people that wants to end the situation of violence and the hatred between members of the two populations,” said Palestinian partner Khaled Abu Awad, AFP reported.

The traditional Palestinian dishes were made strictly kosher, prepared under rabbinical supervision, according to the report.

Mohammed, a 33-year-old Palestinian construction worker was honored for rescuing an Israeli couple threatened by terrorists who surrounded their car and pelted them with stones, the report said.

The full names of Palestinian participants were withheld for fear of violence from local Arabs who consider any dialogue with Israelis as a betrayal.

In 2019, for example, a Palestinian man who faced death threats after saving the lives of Israeli children following a terrorist attack that claimed the life of their father was awarded Israeli residency. In 2016, a Palestinian who helped  survivors of a deadly attack lost his job for the “crime” of helping Israeli Jews.

The event has become an annual event in recent years. In 2019, for example, Palestinian businessman Sheikh Ashraf Jabari hosted several key Israeli leaders from Judea and Samaria for the meal.

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Among Jabari’s guests were Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan, Hebron Jewish community leader Yishai Fleisher, and Heather Johnston, who leads the Israel-US Friendship Association (USEIA), in addition to members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Judea and Samaria (JSC), Israel National News reported at the time.

“It is a great honor to host all of you in my home,” said Jabari, according to the INN report. “This meal is a reinforcement in light of the ongoing trend in which the economic-business relationship and the strengthening of relations and friendship lead us all to a more positive place.”

“Breaking the fast together at a joint meal in Hebron clearly symbolizes our ability to bridge all gaps,” he said.