Netanyahu blames previous gov’t for terror wave, restores Gallant as defense minister

“Our enemy hears and sees everything and they believe that they will be able to attack us with combined terrorist attacks from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.”

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday night said he was reinstating Yoav Gallant to his post as defense minister amid a wave of deadly terror attacks, which he blamed on the previous government.

“Gallant will stay in his position and continue to work for the protection of Israeli citizens,” he said in a live televised broadcast, adding that he and the defense minister were “standing together and working together around the clock, even over the past few days.”

“There were serious disagreements between us on several issues, but I have decided to put them behind us. Gallant remains in his position and we will continue to work together for the sake of the citizens of Israel.”

Gallant later responded to Netanyahu’s comments on Twitter, writing: “We will continue together with full strength, for Israel’s security.”

Netanyahu two weeks ago fired Gallant from his ministerial post after the latter called on the government to suspend the judicial reform.

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Netanyahu opened his address on Monday by blaming the previous government, and specifically its decision to broker a controversial gas deal with Lebanon, for the current wave of terror.

“Our country is under terrorist assault but it did not start now. During the previous Passover, a similar provocation took place on the Temple Mount. Last year, under the previous government, the number of terrorist attacks doubled. The previous government signed an agreement with Hezbollah in which it handed over our gas territories and gas reservoirs to the enemy without anything in return. It assured us that this surrender agreement would distance the confrontations with the terrorist organizations,” Netanyahu said.

He went on to blame Opposition Leader Yair Lapid and the anti-government movement resulting from opposition to the judicial reform for “weakening our national resilience.”

“Our enemy hears and sees everything and they believe that they will be able to attack us with combined terrorist attacks from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza,” he said.

“Now this is our watch and our responsibility, especially mine. I do not act recklessly but firmly, decisively and above all responsibly. We will repel these dangers and defeat our enemy. We have done it in the past and we will do so this time as well,” he said.

“We will find all the terrorists and make them pay the price,” said Netanyahu.

He also dismissed a poll released Sunday that showed his rightwing coalition dropping from 64 seats in the Knesset to 46 seats were elections held today.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” he said. “This government will serve for four years. The determining factor, in the end, will be the way we handle security, the economy, health, education, peace.”