Protests erupt in France over antisemitic gang rape of 12-year-old Jewish girl

One of the suspects, a former boyfriend of the girl, admitted that he raped her because she hid her Jewish heritage.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Following reports of a 12-year-old girl raped by adolescent boys in France because she was Jewish, hundreds gathered in Paris and Lyon to protest against antisemitic violence.

One of the suspects, a former boyfriend of the girl, admitted that he raped her because she hid her Jewish heritage, and another of the suspects claimed he was angry because she reportedly said disparaging things about Palestine.

The rally in Paris was organized by Collectif Nous Vivrons (“We Will Live Collective”), which was founded after October 7th to combat antisemitism in Europe.

“This antisemitic rape is a continuation of a climate hostile to Jews, fuelled in particular by irresponsible political declarations,” the NGO said.

The Paris rally included representatives of Jewish organizations as well as French politicians.

Justice Minister Éric Dupond-Moretti said, “The government is on your side.”

He continued, “To attack a Jew is to attack the Republic and France.”

Participants held signs that read, “Raped at 12 because she is Jewish,” and “Antisemitism is not residual.”

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In Lyon, France’s third-largest city, about a hundred protesters sang the French national anthem and held signs saying “Jew raped, Republic in danger,” as well as messages blaming far-left ant-Israel groups in France for antisemitic violence.

On Saturday, a 12-year-old girl and her parents reported that she was gang raped in the Parisian suburb of Courbevoie.

The three suspects, between the ages of 12 and 13, were brought to court on Tuesday.

The incident began when the girl was walking with her boyfriend, who was also 12 years old, when they met up with two other adolescents who were also acquaintances.

The three boys led her to an abandoned area where they beat her, raped her, and verbally abused her with antisemitic language.

Investigators also found antisemitic statements, images, and videos, including the burning of the Israeli flag, on the victim’s phone.

The girl was forced into various sexual acts while being called a “dirty Jew,” and the boys threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.