Antisemitic newspaper that claims Israel buries Arab prisoners alive banned from supermarkets

Arabic-language newspaper that falsely claimed Israel buries Palestinian prisoners alive and harvests their organs for profit will no longer be sold in major Canadian grocery chain.

By World Israel News Staff

An Arabic-language newspaper that consistently promotes an antisemitic narrative, including justifying the Holocaust and supporting terrorism, has been pulled from the shelves of a major Canadian supermarket after a campaign from an advocacy group.

B’nai Brith Canada recently sent an open letter to the Metro grocery chain, urging the group to no longer carry the Al-Meshwar newspaper in its shops.

The paper, which is owned by anti-Israel Holocaust denier Nazih Khatatba, has repeatedly run articles praising the Hamas terror group and accusing Israelis of mutilating the corpses of Palestinians, which the outlet falsely claims is a “Jewish commandment.”

Among other outrageous conspiracy theories promoted by the outlet include false accusations that the Israeli government buries Palestinian prisoners alive and harvests their organs for profit.

The paper claimed that this practice originated from an “ancient [Jewish] malice, and Talmudic and Torah commandments.”

Among other content demonizing Jews, Al-Meshwar wrote that the United States is secretly ruled by a Jewish cabal and that Jews ”subjugate the governments and the states which refuse to become part of their global empire.”

“We won’t rest as long as this hateful periodical remains available on the streets of Ontario,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada, in a statement.

Al-Meshwar and its editor, Khatatba, peddle vile conspiracy theories, including blaming Jews for the Holocaust. This sort of paranoid drivel is a threat to Jewish safety and foments senseless hate in Ontario’s Arabic-language communities.

“We are pleased that Metro has taken a firm stance against antisemitism and hate with its swift response to our concerns. The leaders of Metro ought to be commended for their strong corporate responsibility. We encourage other retailers to ensure their stores are not being used to disseminate hateful content,” Mostyn said.

In April 2021, after being notified about the content of the newspaper by B’nai Brith Canada, the government of Ontario pulled its advertising from the outlet.