Disaster on Israel’s Route 6: 12-year-old, pregnant mother die, baby fighting for life

A 12-year-old and her pregnant mother were killed in a traffic accident on Saturday.

By World Israel News Staff

Twelve-year-old Anat Rosenberg and her mother, Irena Dubinski, 30, who was in her 32nd week of pregnancy, were killed in the accident on Route 6 on Saturday. Ten people were involved in the crash.

Irena’s unborn baby was delivered and revived.

“The woman arrived in a condition of clinical death, and with massaging and resuscitation we delivered the fetus,” said Prof. Amitai Ziv, Deputy Director of the Sheba Medical Center.

However, the chances of its survival are slim, according to Sheba Hospital medical staff.

Injured in the accident were Sergei Tsvetlov, Irena’s partner, and another daughter, Elisa Rosenberg, 7. The family lived in Kiryat Yam.

The accident occurred at 3:30 p.m. near Ben Shemen. The accident involved a car driven by Sergei and a commercial vehicle carrying six people.

Paramedics evacuated the 10 victims to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital and to Beilinson Hospital.