IDF aircraft fire on arson balloon launchers in Gaza

Reports indicate that two Palestinians were injured in an IDF strike targeting Gazans involved in airborne arson attacks.

By: World Israel News Staff

While Hamas is reportedly mulling a ceasefire with Israel, terror operatives along the Gaza border continued to launch arson balloons toward Israel at the beginning of the week, with  two individuals reportedly injured when an IDF aircraft fired on a cluster of Gazans involved in arson terror on Tuesday.

In an IDF statement following the incident, the Israeli army confirmed that an aircraft had fired on the balloon launchers operating in the northern portion of the coastal enclave, reported Times of Israel.

Since the end of March, Palestinians in Gaza have used kites and balloons to send incendiary devices into Israeli territory, destroying huge swaths of farmland and nature preserves. In total, Palestinian arson terror has caused millions of dollars of damage and devastated thousands of acres of Israeli land.

An end to these daily arson attacks is among the features of a truce that the Hamas terror group is reportedly mulling, which would also entail concessions on Israel’s part, such as reopening the Kerem Shalom Crossing, the primary point of entry for goods into Gaza.

Whether or not Hamas or Israel will agree to the truce remains to be seen, with reports surfacing that Hamas military figures convened on Monday with political officials.

In addition to addressing arson terror and border crossing issues, the Hamas-Israel agreement also reportedly could include a prisoner exchange and civilian infrastructure projects in Gaza, according to a report in the Saudi-backed, London-based Asharq al-Awsat paper.