IDF searches terrorist’s home, arrests brother, as manhunt continues

Israeli security forces continue searching for the terrorist, Amar Abu Leilah, 20, who killed two Jews on Sunday, arresting his brother and interrogating his father.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

Israeli security forces carried out extensive searches overnight in Arab villages in Samaria in pursuit of the terrorist now identified as Amar Abu Leilah, 20, from the Arab village of Zevayah near the Jewish city of Ariel, where the attack began.

IDF soldiers, security agents of Israel’s Shin Bet and border police surveyed the terrorist’s home for possible demolition, arrested his brother Nur, 16, and interrogated his father.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said on Monday morning that IDF forces “operated in the area of ​​the villages in the Ephraim Regional Brigade in pursuit of the terrorist. Extensive operational, intelligence and collection efforts continue in tandem to locate and capture the terrorist.”

Ynet reports that outside of posts praising Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and a post about Israeli forces entering the Temple Mount last summer, there were no warnings on his social media accounts that Leilah was about to carry out a terrorist attack.

On Sunday, Leilah killed two Jews in a shooting that took place in two locations. He began his attack at the Ariel junction. In video footage, the terrorist can be seen coming from one of the illegal shops that have sprung up along the side of the road opposite Ariel.

He is seen walking slowly along the side of the road and then breaking into a sprint toward a hitch-hiking post.

At the post, he attacked his first victim, stabbing 19-year-old IDF soldier Gal Qeidan and stealing his rifle. He then shot Qeidan at point-blank range. Two soldiers guarding the hitch-hiking post opened fire at the terrorist but were unable to stop him, though they may have wounded him, according to reports.

The terrorist then opened fire at civilians at the junction using Qeidan’s rifle, including Rabbi Ahiad Etinger, who was pronounced dead from bullet wounds to his head on Monday morning. Etinger, who was armed, attempted to shoot the terrorist, but could not draw in time, reports say. He leaves behind a wife and 12 children.

The terrorist then stole a car and went to another junction where he opened fire and seriously wounded IDF soldier Alexander Dubrovsky.

Dubrosky, remains in serious condition after an operation overnight at Beilinson hospital in Petach Tikvah near Tel Aviv. His life is still in danger.