Sara Netanyahu files indictment for sexual harassment, accused calls it ‘political revenge’

Indictment comes a day before former top Netanyahu aide testifies against former prime minister in corruption trial.

By World Israel News staff. 

An indictment was filed on Sunday against 55-year-old Givatayim resident Boaz Drori for sexually harassing Sara Netanyahu on Twitter, Maariv reported. 

According to the indictment, Drori posted in 2019 a quote which read that he “is so patriotic” he feels the obligation to perform certain sexual acts towards the former prime minister’s wife. 

Drori called the indictment “political revenge” in an interview with 103FM. He added that the tweet was made years ago, and is only being brought to light now because of matters involving the ongoing legal cases against now opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

“They’re doing this now to prove to the High Court that anti-Netanyahu protesters want to hurt him,” Drori said. 

According to Drori, the tweet was made on a private account that could only be seen by specific people, and it is unclear to him how the tweet made its way to the eyes of the prime minister, Maariv reported.

However, Drori added that he’s been writing about the former prime minister for years and feels that a libel suit has been a long time coming.

Drori’s lawyer responded to the indictment, stating that it makes no sense why the joke is deserving of an indictment. “It is worth mentioning,” the lawyer said, “that Benjamin Netanyahu and/or other people screenshot the so-called rude joke and put it on the then prime minister’s page – who has more than a million followers.”

The indictment comes a day before former top Netanyahu aide Nir Hefetz testified before the Jerusalem District Court at the former prime minister’s public corruption trial on Monday.