Transgender woman who opened fire in church had ‘Free Palestine’ written on rifle

The assailant, who wore a trench coat and carried a backpack, made a false claim of possessing a bomb.

By World Israel News Staff

A transgender woman armed with an AR-15 rifle opened fire inside a Texas megachurch on Sunday afternoon, bearing the words ‘Free Palestine’ on her weapon, as reported by various media outlets.

Accompanied by a young child, whose relationship to the shooter remains unclear, the woman made a false claim of possessing a bomb, later refuted by Houston police who found no explosives in her backpack or car during a thorough search.

Prior to being subdued by law enforcement, the woman allegedly sprayed an unidentified substance on the ground, as per CNN reports. Authorities have emphasized a meticulous investigation to ensure the safety of the community and the church premises.

The assailant, who wore a trench coat and carried a backpack, arrived at the church around 2 pm, but swift action by law enforcement prevented further casualties.

No fatalities besides the shooter have been reported, although a man sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and received treatment at a local hospital.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear as authorities continue their inquiries.

Meanwhile, Pastor Joel Osteen, representing the megachurch, offered solace, stating, “We don’t comprehend the reasons for such occurrences, but we place our trust in God’s sovereignty.”

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Witnesses recounted scenes of chaos and fear as gunfire erupted within the church, prompting congregants to seek refuge in prayer.

“I was like, this might be the last time I get to pray… so I’m going to do this,” sad a worshiper.