Abbas spreads lies at UN, says Israel changing Temple Mount status quo, murdering Palestinians

Abbas’ claims have been repeatedly debunked, but that did not stop him from repeating his lies and inciting against Israel while addressing the UN.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas continued to incite against Israel, spreading lies and allegations when he addressed the United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on Monday, claiming again that Israel was altering the status quo on the Temple Mount while carrying out” extrajudicial killings” against innocent Palestinians.

Abbas began his address at the UN by thanking the UN for its ongoing support to the Palestinian’s “just cause,” and recently their vote to allow the PA to fly their flag at the UN headquarters in New York.

He then went a lengthy tirade, in which he charged Israel of all the wrongdoings in the world,  including summarily executing innocent Palestinians and perpetrated the lie that Israel is harming Muslim Mosques on the Temple Mount.

“The continuation of the Israeli occupation and its persistence with…cruel arrests and detention of civilians, extrajudicial killings of our youth and children…and provocations and incitement against their holy places, including the Holy Al-Haram Al-Sharif in Occupied East Jerusalem, affirm Israel’s arrogance and intransigence, its violations of international law, its rejection of peace and its adherence instead to the ideology of colonial expansion, subjugation and greed,” Abbas stated in New York.

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Israel has vehemently denied both allegations over the course of the passed months.

Abbas has recently lied publicly when he claimed Israel executed a 13-year-old Palestinian. In fact, the boy was shot while stabbing Israelis and was alive and receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital.

Saying that he had already warned of the consequence of Israel’s ostensibly belligerent actions, Abbas said that “all of these actions and violations would risk turning the conflict from a political and legal one to a religious conflict, which will have disastrous consequences for everyone. We will not accept this.”

While demanding that “all illegal Israeli colonial settlement activities must be stopped,” Abbas claimed that “the events happening in our country are the result of diminishing hopes, the continued situation of strangulation, siege and pressure, and the lack of sense of security and safety felt by our people.”

He called for greater involvement by the international community, and dismissed the idea of directly negotiating with Israel, saying “it is not logical to waste time in negotiations for the sake of negotiations; it is urgent to act now to salvage the prospects for peace.”

Danny Danon UN

Ambassador Danny Danon holds of the photos of terror victims. (Facebook)

He again stressed that the PA no longer sees itself bound by the peace agreements signed with Israel. “In light of Israel’s destruction of the foundations upon which the political, economic and security agreements were signed with us, we reiterate that we cannot continue to be the only party bound by these agreements.”

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Israel’s envoy at the UN Danny Danon blasted the UN for commemorating the Palestinian Solidarity day by passing a series of anti-Israel resolutions.

“This is a shameful day for the UN,” he said, while he displayed the photos and names of all the Israeli victims who were murdered in the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which were offset by Abbas’ incitement against Israel.

He further made it clear that “the heinous murder of Israelis, just because they are Israelis, is no different than the cruel massacre of innocents in France.”