Arabs riot in Jaffa after suspect shot by police

Arabs in Jaffa rioted after a fleeing suspect in a criminal investigation was shot dead by police.

Dozens of Arabs in Jaffa rioted Friday night and Saturday after a local resident was shot by police during a pursuit.

The shooting incident occurred when police forces were alerted to the area after residents reported hearing shooting. After arriving on site, police noticed two motorcycles fleeing the scene. During the pursuit, police fired at the suspects, one of whom reportedly drew a weapon causing police to fear for their lives.

A second suspect was wounded in the incident.

Rioting ensued, which peaked when the suspect’s body was released for burial.

Rioters blocked one of the main routes in the city and threw rocks at police forces. Police arrested eight of the rioters.

An Israeli reporter and a cameraman were beaten by the rioters and were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The police launched an investigation into the incident. Both suspects had prior criminal records.

By: World Israel News Staff