Arizona police arrest suspect for anti-Semitic vandalism of synagogue

Tucson, Arizona police arrest 30-year-old man for vile anti-Semitic vandalism of Chabad center.

By Algemeiner Staff

Police in Tucson, Arizona have arrested a man in connection with the anti-Semitic vandalism of a synagogue earlier this month.

30-year-old Nathan Beaver was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon and is currently being held in the Pima County Jail.

Beaver’s arrest followed a two-week investigation into the daubing of a swastika and a crudely  anti-Semitic slogan, “Dirty Kyke” (sic), on the outer door of the Chabad on River in Tucson.

The vandalism, which occurred on June 7, was immediately investigated by Tucson law enforcement as a hate crime.

Following the outrage, Tucson mayor Regina Romero called it “an absolutely disgusting display of hate and anti-Semitism.” Such acts “will not be tolerated in our diverse and welcoming city,” she said, adding: “I ask all Tucsonans to join me in standing up and raising awareness on anti-Semitism in all of its forms.”

Chabad Tucson Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin spoke to The Algemeiner after the incident, saying, “we felt that it was important, not only trying to find who did this, but also using this opportunity to stamp out the notion that such acts are okay.”

Recent anti-Semitic incidents nationwide, he said, had shown that “some people have gotten the message that it’s okay to verbally or physically harm Jews, harm jewish institutions across the country.”

Arizona politicians roundly condemned the vandalism. Governor Doug Doucey called it a “despicable and unacceptable act” and said the state was “doing all we can to make sure the Jewish community and all Arizonans are safe and treated with respect and dignity.”

US Senator Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) tweeted, “Our hearts are with the congregation of Chabad on River today in the wake of this horrible vandalism. We must stand strong against anti-Semitism and with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Hate has no place in our community.”