British SAS sniper kills three ISIS terrorists with one shot

“Three kills with one shot will go down in the regiment’s history,” an SAS source said. 

A sniper operating with Britain’s elite SAS (Special Air Service) in Iraq shot and killed three Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists with one bullet, which was said to be “a shot in a million.”

According to a report by the UK’s The Daily Star Sunday, the incident occurred in November when terrorists were shot dead as they prepared to machine-gun women and children.

The unit was operating on an intelligence-collecting mission when the shooting happened.

The squad was following the movement of senior ISIS members inside a village near Mosul when dozens of women and children attempted to escape from ISIS.

The terrorists ordered the civilians to stop and when they refused three ISIS terrorists pointed a heavy machine gun at them from a second story window and prepared to fire.

The SAS team decided they had no alternative but to open fire to save the civilians, even at the cost of possibly compromising their mission.

The sniper fired.

The bullet fired by the sniper struck the first terrorist in the head, killing him instantly. The same round then hit another terrorist in the chest, passed through his body, ricocheted off a wall and struck a third terrorist in the neck.

After the shooting, the SAS team moved into the village and entered the house to confirm the terrorists were dead. They also took fingerprints and photos before the unit was withdrawn by helicopter.

“There have been some amazing SAS kills in the past but nothing quite like that. Three kills with one shot will go down in the regiment’s history,” a source told The Daily Star Sunday.

By: World Israel News Staff