Despite controversy, Netanyahu forecasts re-election in 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his party on Monday that he will win re-election and therefore maintain the current governing coalition when elections take place in April.


After current Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Monday that elections will be held on April 9, 2019, he assured his Likud Party that he will win re-election and maintain the current governing coalition.

The projection may be subject to change, however, were Netanyahu to be charged by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in the corruption investigations launched against him.

Earlier this month, Israeli police recommended indicting the prime minister and his wife, Sara, on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust for trading favorable government treatment of the Bezeq communications company in exchange for positive coverage on the Walla news site, both owned by Shaul Elovitch.

Netanyahu cautioned in a meeting closed to the media that “there are no guarantees, and we will have to fight mightily.”

“The real test will come in mobilizing our base—persuading our people to vote Likud, not for anyone else, and to show up and vote,” he said, according to a Likud statement. “If we manage to do this, we’ll win.”

Finally, it is unknown if the elections will affect the rollout of the highly anticipated U.S. Mideast peace plan, called the “deal of the century” by the Trump administration.

A State Department spokesperson declined to comment, citing the agency operating on “a reduced status” due to the partial U.S. government shutdown that started on Saturday. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.