Developing countries benefit from Israeli child development program

Professionals from developing countries will use knowledge gained in Israel to better their home nations.

On July 27, professionals from Uganda, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Liberia, Tanzania and Kenya will graduate from the University of Haifa’s International Master’s Program in Child Development. The graduates from throughout the developing world include social workers, educators, pediatric nurses, a speech therapist, a pediatrician and a journalist.

The Israeli university offers the world’s only fully funded academic child development program. It was created with the specific goal to improve the lives of children at risk worldwide. The program provides the next generation of professionals in different fields of expertise with skills and tools relevant for families and children in their home countries.

The CEO of the American Society of the University of Haifa, Karen Berman, stressed the unique characteristics of the Israeli program. “The international master’s program in child development is one of the jewels of University of Haifa. The program itself is unique, providing training to professionals that they could not receive anywhere else,” Berman explained.

“At the same time, the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israeli life and culture and return to their home countries as ambassadors for Israel,” she added.

The program provides one of many examples of Israel’s growing humanitarian influence worldwide. The importance of the program is illustrated by attendance at the graduation ceremony by senior international diplomats including the ambassadors of Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Slovenia.

By: Daniel Krygier, World Israel News