DNA found on police officer’s pistol proves Old City shooter was terrorist

Tests found the DNA of  Mohammed Elasibi on a police officer’s gun.

By World Israel News Staff

New DNA evidence proves that the Muslim Bedouin who was shot and killed in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday had grabbed the gun of a police officer and carried out a terror attack despite claims to the contrary, the police said on Sunday evening.

Tests found the DNA of 26-year-old Mohammed Elasibi, from the southern town of Hura, on a police officer’s gun that Elasibi was accused of firing during a skirmish with police officers at the Chain Gate near Temple Mount. Elasibi was shot and killed by police after firing several rounds at border police officers.

“The DNA of the terrorist who carried out a terror shooting at the Chain Gate on Friday night was found on the police handgun that the terrorist grabbed from the policeman and used to shoot at officers,” police said on Sunday in a statement.

“This was unequivocally a weapon grab and terrorist shooting attack — just as we reported on the night of the attack,” police said, adding that the DNA had found on several parts of the weapon.

“Those who published untruths about the incident should ask for forgiveness today from the police officers who acted bravely and fiercely and saved their lives by neutralizing the terrorist,” the statement added, likely referring to Haaretz and other left wing dailies, which published eyewitness testimonies from Palestinians who said refuted the claim that Elasibi had fired several rounds.

An officer identified as Y said after the shooting: “I felt our lives were in real danger. If I hadn’t tackled him, shot him and neutralized him, he would have shot me, my partner and the Border Police officers.”

A female officer, identified as L., said that Elasibi “aimed the gun at my head” and that she ducked in order to avoid being shot as he fired the weapon.

“If the policeman hadn’t shot and neutralized him, we wouldn’t be here,” M., a witness, said in a statement.

The Bedouin municipalities of Hura, Rahat, and Tel Sheva and other Arab municipalities launched a general strike in protest over his death on Sunday, including public services, businesses, and schools. Tens of thousands were expected to participate in a protest march following Elasibi’s funeral, which was attended by thousands, including Hadash-Ta’al MK Ahmad Tibi.

The shooting came during the Ramadan holiday period, which often sees an uptick in terror attacks and security tensions.

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