Driver swerves toward police in Jerusalem

Police are investigating an incident in which a driver appeared  to be attempting to ram policemen with his car. 

By: World Israel News Staff

A man on Wednesday morning appeared to be attempting to ram his car into a group of police officers waiting for a bus near the police headquarters in Jerusalem.

The driver missed the group, hitting no one, and then sped away.

Security forces launched a search for the vehicle, and the driver was apprehended shortly after. A passenger who was also in the car was arrested as well.

The police subsequently initiated an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Both men were determined to be residents of east Jerusalem, and while their was fear that this was an act of terrorism, the police ruled that the incident was not terrorism-related, and was possibly driver error.

Israel has experienced multiple vehicular terror attacks in recent years, which have caused deaths and many injuries, raising suspicions of terrorism in circumstances such as the Wednesday morning incident.