German police knew Berlin market terrorist used 14 different identities

Germany knew of 14 different identities Anis Amari used, but still failed to stop him.

A German police official said that authorities knew of 14 different identities used by Berlin Christmas market terrorist Anis Amri.

The 24-year-old Tunisian drove a truck into the market on December 19th, killing 12 people, including an Israeli woman, and wounding some 50 others, including the husband of the Israeli woman.

Amri was killed December 23rd in a shootout with Italian police in a Milan suburb.

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Amri came to Germany in mid-2015. Authorities later put him on a list of potentially violent Islamic extremists. Separately, he was investigated for receiving benefits simultaneously under two different identities.

The head of North Rhine-Westphalia State’s police department, Dieter Schuermann, told regional lawmakers Thursday that authorities couldn’t find evidence of possible attack plans that would stand up in court, the news agency dpa reported. According to Schuermann, the department “exhausted all legal powers to the limit to ward off potential dangers.”

By: AP and World Israel News Staff