Hamas official dies of mysterious gunshot wounds

Mystery still shrouds the incident which caused the death of Hamas leader Imad Al-Alami.

By: World Israel News Staff

Hamas leader Imad al-Alami, who was critically injured earlier this month when a bullet penetrated his head, died of his wounds on Tuesday.

Hamas conveyed its “deepest sympathies to Al-Alami family on the death of Imad al-Alami. May his soul rest in peace.”

Hamas claimed after the incident that al-Alami was wounded while he was checking his handgun.

According to some reports, al-Alami attempted suicide because he was suffering from cancer; while others say it was an assassination attempt.

Al-Alami previously served as a member of Hamas’ political bureau, as a liaison between Iran and Hamas, as a terror coordinator in Syria, and recently as a fundraiser for the terror group.

In 2003, the US declared him a “specially designated global terrorist”.

The terrorist organization also claimed that Al-Alami was injured and had a foot amputated during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, when an Israeli raid targeted his home. However, Israeli sources report that the incident was actually an inside attempt on his life and that unidentified individuals had dumped him from a high place, which caused the injuries.