IDF arrests 2 terrorists connected to bombing that injured troops

Two IDF soldiers were wounded last week in a bomb attack while they were involved in an operation to arrest a wanted terrorist in Balata, near Shechem,


IDF forces on Wednesday night arrested two Arab terrorists in the Balata camp, near Shechem (Nablus), who are suspected of throwing an explosive charge at troops last week and wounding them.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly and moderately wounded last Tuesday during an operation to arrest a wanted terrorist in Balata, in the area of the Samaria Regional Brigade.

The soldiers were wounded by shrapnel from an explosive charge thrown at them.

In related news, Arab sources reported on an Israeli operation in the Palestinian Authority (PA) city of Jenin, during which two wanted persons were arrested. They were identified as Hussam Ein Ulbi and Osama Mahmoud al-Saadi.

Similarly, Israeli forces operated in Ramallah. Five wanted persons were reportedly arrested on suspicion of connections to terrorism, including two released prisoners who previously served time in Israeli prisons for terrorism.