Israel sends diplomatic delegation to Sudan, firming up relations

One month after the announcement that Sudan would normalize relations, a small Israeli diplomatic mission flew to Sudan.

By Paul Shindman, World Israel News

A small Israeli delegation left for Sudan Monday morning for a one-day meeting to discuss the firming up of diplomatic relations.

The delegation is headed by a Mossad agent named “Stronghold,” who holds a senior position in Israel’s National Security Council. The talks are expected to focus on defense issues, but are also  intended to prepare for a visit by a larger trade and development delegation that will leave for Sudan in a few weeks, Israel Hayom reported.

The delegation took off for Khartoum exactly one month after Sudan’s decision to normalize relations with Israel was announced on October 23.

Last week, the fruits of the new relationship were beginning to bloom when Sudan reversed its traditional position and did not vote in the UN against an Israeli resolution in the field of innovation that passed in a large majority.

The proposal, “Sustainable Development Entrepreneurship,” initiated by the Israeli delegation to the United Nations, was opposed by 26 countries, including Iran and Syria, as well as by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, despite the recent signing of the Abraham Accords.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted the change in vote by Sudan.

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“Sudan, last week, for the first time abstained from voting against Israel at the UN, after traditionally voting against us. These are signs for the future, and not only in these areas, I hope we will always have more and more good news,” Netanyahu tweeted.

In a similar development, a news report last week said Sudan will allow Israel’s national El Al airline to fly through its airspace.