Israeli aid delegation begins relief efforts in Equatorial Guinea

The IDF team was sent following the blast in Bata, blamed on the mishandling of dynamite by the military.

By World Israel News Staff

The Israeli aid delegation began its treatments effort over the weekend in Equatorial Guinea.

The team was sent following the blast in Bata, blamed on the mishandling of dynamite by the West African country’s military. Over 100 people were confirmed dead after the blast on March 7.

Approximately 60 IDF active and reserve Medical Corps soldiers, from all medical professions, were divided into dedicated medical teams dispersed among the three local hospitals (La Paz, General, Insesso), and on a tour of community clinics located throughout the area to provide assistance to locals.

On Saturday night, approximately 100 people were treated with 11 surgeries.

The medical staff continues to monitor their patients in cooperation with local government representatives. Residents of the area who were injured by the explosion were invited to the Israeli medical emergency room that was opened to receive free treatment.

At the same time, the Home Front Command’s search and rescue team, together with local government engineers, surveyed the blast sites in order to assess the damage and locate buildings that need maintenance and repair before the local citizens return to live there.

A joint team of the Medical Corps and the Home Front Command has begun to train the staff of local hospitals on treatment and management of multi-casualty incidents and emergency scenarios.

The Israeli team is in communication with additional foreign aid delegations in the country and is in contact with the World Health Organization.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Commander of the delegation, Col. Dr. Noam Fink, said, “Team morale is high and crew members are applying their full capabilities. The crews have been manning operating rooms from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.”

“Hospital managers, government representatives and citizens of the country have expressed their astonishment with the effort and diligence of the Israeli crew. We will continue our cooperation with the local authorities in order to improve the situation and bring medical assistance to the residents of the area. This is the spirit of the IDF and the spirit of Israel.”