Israeli Arab locks up brother for wanting to convert and join IDF

An Israeli Arab, upon hearing that his brother wanted to convert to Judaism and join the IDF, held him captive for almost a month until discovered by police.

An Arab Israeli, found to have locked his brother in a room upon learning that he was interested in converting to Judaism and joining the IDF, was arrested by police on Sunday.

Israel’s NRG news site reported that the older sibling, 21, from the Arab town of Teiba, allegedly imprisoned his 19-year-old brother in his room for month.

A neighbor discovered the incident and alerted the police, who rescued him. The older sibling was subsequently arrested and was remanded later in the day.

Arab Israelis serve in the IDF, and their numbers are growing steadily, although others in their community often view military service in the Jewish state negatively.

Fewer than 10 Arab Muslims served in the Israeli army a few years ago, but now their numbers are in the dozens.

Similarly, non-Jewish enlistment in civilian national service, an equivalent to serving in the IDF, has increased 650 percent in just six years.

Approximately 20 percent of Israel’s eight million citizens are Arabs. According to the Israeli Democracy Index, a public opinion survey project conducted by the Israeli Democratic Institute and the Guttman Center for Surveys, 65 percent of Israeli Arabs are proud to be Israeli.

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By: World Israel News Staff