Israeli police harassment? Officers search Likud MK’s home after Temple Mount arrest

Police searched Glick’s home after detaining him on the Temple Mount.

By World Israel News Staff

Former Likud MK Yehuda Glick’s run-in with the Israeli police didn’t finish with his arrest on the Temple Mount on Tuesday. At around midnight they showed up at his home to search the place.

“Cops at home at midnight after a full day of hazing,” Glick tweeted, posting photos of police rummaging through his bathroom and poking around cabinets.

Glick tweeted that the police arrived at around 11:30 p.m. “They came with a search warrant and are turning the house upside down,” Glick tweeted.

The former Knesset member was then detained overnight. He will be questioned a second time by police on Wednesday, Channel 11 reports.

Police claim that Glick had made off with documents related to the investigation.

“At the conclusion of the investigation today, suspicions arose that he had stolen investigative material before leaving the interrogation room. The police approached the court which approved its request for a search warrant at his home,” the Israel Police said on Tuesday.

Glick’s attorney Edi Kedar denied the police’s claim. Kedar said Glick came to the station with the documents he promised he would bring and which the police claimed he had stolen, he said.

“Instead of asking if documents that were in the investigation file were taken by accident, they arrive at his house with a search warrant at midnight. The police are again demonstrating impulsive and problematic behavior, all in light of the fact that the early arrest was a false arrest that embarrassed them,” Kedar said.

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Glick himself denied he had done anything wrong, that he neither took material nor caused a provocation on the Temple Mount as the police claim.

Glick was arrested on Tuesday morning while visiting the Temple Mount with two U.S. congressmen. Police said he was walking slowly and suggested that meant he might have been praying. Prayer is forbidden to Jews on the Temple Mount as part of an agreement with the Islamic Trust that manages the Muslim religious buildings at the site.

Police claim he returned after the visit against the rules at the site. A video shows the police wrestling Glick to the ground.

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said he would clarify the circumstances involving the arrest of “his friend, Yehuda Glick.”

“I’m sorry for every citizen who is arrested or searched in his home. This is a serious violation of his privacy and rights,” Erdan said.

Minister of Justice Amir Ohana said, “After being forcibly arrested on the Temple Mount for the dreadful misdemeanor of ‘slow walking’ and spending hours at the police station, my friend Yehuda was released to his home. At midnight, police arrived at his home to search if he had interfered with the complicated investigation regarding the slow walk.”

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Sarah Beck of the Jewish Home party said, “The situation where under Israeli sovereignty Jews cannot roam freely on the Temple Mount without police supervision over their steps is delusional and absurd.”

Tom Nissani, chairman of the Students for the Temple Mount, said “The arrest of a former Israeli MK in handcuffs and more immediately after a tour with U.S. congressmen illustrates our great disgrace on the Temple Mount – the Mount is not ours. We will not allow this situation to go on and on. We’ll fight until we get our rights to the Mount.”

Before running for Knesset, Glick had become the face of the campaign for expanding Temple Mount access to Jews. He was shot four times by an assassin belonging to the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine in October 2014.