Jerusalem police watch fallout from Trump announcement very carefully

Security officials are concerned that an announcement by the US that changes the status quo in Jerusalem will prompt the Palestinian Authority to incite and Hamas to attack.

By: Steve Leibowitz, World Israel News

The defense establishment is closely watching for fallout on the Palestinian street if President Donald Trump announces a change in the US position and recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Police Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld told World Israel News that while there are no specific warnings, “Our finger is on the pulse, and we are closely watching for developments.”

The working assumption among security officials is that an American announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would be perceived as a change in the status quo that could inflame tensions. Rosenfeld said that “there is currently no increase in police deployment, but we are prepared for any eventuality and will monitor developments on the ground.”

For its part, the US administration instructed all of its embassies and consulates throughout the Middle East to raise their alert level.  They are also watching closely for protests against other American interests and institutions in the region.

The IDF Central Command, the Shin Bet Security Services and the Police have been meeting regularly in recent days to prepare for all eventualities.  Worst case scenarios include the possibility of rioting or terror attacks such as those that took place in July over the issue of the placement of metal detectors at the Temple Mount.