Netanyahu backs Greater Jerusalem bill to annex surrounding towns

Netanyahu again expressed his support for a bill that strengthens Jerusalem and its environs.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday expressed his support for legislation that calls for the incorporation of towns surrounding Jerusalem into the Israeli capital, essentially annexing them in the process.

While visiting the city of Ma’aleh Adumin, which would fall under the purview of the bill, Netanyahu again expressed his support for the bill while announcing a massive construction project which includes thousands of housing units in the city.

“Ma’ale Adumim is part of the state of Israel. It will always be part of the state of Israel,” Netanyahu declared during a special faction meeting of his Likud party held in the city.

“I support the Greater Jerusalem bill, which will enable Jerusalem and its environs to develop in many aspects. This is important news,” he stated. ”

The Greater Jerusalem Law would incorporate Givat Ze’ev to the northwest of Jerusalem as well Beitar Illit and the Etzion bloc of communities, which are situated southwest of Jerusalem, and Ma’aleh Adumim, into Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries – thus creating a greater metropolitan area and, in effect, annexing 19 Israeli communities, which serve as home to some 150,000 Israelis.

The bill also proposes turning Arab villages in the area that lie outside the security barrier into an independent municipality within Greater Jerusalem.

Netanyahu has previously expressed support for the legislation.

By: World Israel News Staff